How to service your Blaupunkt Bluebot robot vacuum cleaner? Find out here.

First of all, it is importanct to carefully read the manual of your Bluebot robot vacuum cleaner. Because this explains how the robot works and what is important for the robot to continue helping you clean your floors. For example, for every robot vacuum cleaner it is important that you clean the brushes and dust bin at least every week. Via the Support page, you can find all the information regarding your specific Bluebot. Our YouTube channel contains all the videos available for your Bluebot robot. Take a good look at these to find out what makes your robot tick. And take good care of your robot vacuum cleaner, for it to continue to take good care of your floors.  


A robot vacuum cleaner drives around your home to clean the floors. Just like a car, the robot needs proper maintenance. Think about the parts that have to work hard: HEPA filter, roller brush, side brushes and the sensors. Make sure you maintain them properly and replace them on time. In our Blaupunkt Robotics webshop, you will also find the accessory kit available for your robot.

Replacing parts

You can easily replace some parts of the Bluebot robots. Think of the HEPA filter (recommended replacement every 3 months). But you may also want to replace parts inside the robot yourself. Note: if you do this yourself, your warranty will automatically expire. If this is not an issue for you, you can easily order spare parts from or


If, despite proper maintenance, something does go wrong with your Bluebot robot, you are of course entitled to our help, under warranty. This is why we work with selected repair partners, who have the expertise to repair a Bluebot robot when needed. Do you have a problem you can’t figure out? Then follow our step-by-step plan. Click here

Bluebot Support

Do you have a question about the use or maintenance of your Bluebot robot? Contact us.

This is possible over the phone, via mail of our chat. Please contact us on business days between 09:00 – 17:00.