Trouble shooting

First of all, sorry to hear that there is a problem and/or malfunction with your Bluebot robot vacuum cleaner that you haven’t been able to solve yet. After all, getting stuck is no fun. Therefore, let’s see what we can do together. Follow the steps below for your specific robot:

1. Clean

The first step is to clean the robot fully. Clean the main brush, and side brushes, and HEPA filter as well as the sensors of your Bluebot. Find the link to the videos of the particular model below.

Bluebot XTREME
Bluebot XVAC
Bluebot XBOOST
Bluebot XTREME Plus
Bluebot COMFORT Plus

2. Reset

The next step is to reset the robot and then check if the problem still occurs. Below, for each model, you will find the link to the video explanation on how to reset the robot.

Bluebot XTREME*
Bluebot XVAC
Bluebot XBOOST
Bluebot XTREME Plus*
Bluebot COMFORT Plus*

*Tip: first save the map in the Bluebot app before performing the reset. Go to the instruction video.

3. Record

In the third step, we ask you to take a photo and/or video of the problem that may still be occurring despite taking steps 1 and 2. This so we can get a good look at what is occurring, as every situation differs from another. And in this way we see what is happening and can find the best solution for your specific problem.

4. Support

No solution found? Please sent below information to

  • S/N robot (see sticker at bottom of the robot or behind the dustbin)
  • Purchase receipt
  • Problem description including your taken photo and/or video