Is an automatic Robot vacuum cleaner What for me?

An intelligent and automatic robot vacuum cleaner takes a lot of work out of your hands and it is an enjoyable and useful addition in every household. Is A robot vacuum cleaner interesting for me? Judge for yourself:

  • I have a very busy family with young children
  • I have pets that I love but sometimes gets tired of all the animal hair
  • My job is so busy that I actually don’t even have to vacuum, let alone mop future
  • I can think of some fun to do with my time than vacuuming
  • I like convenience and want to be able to read a book while vacuuming is done for me
  • What makes my vacuum cleaner a noise…. bother me and my animals are also restless
  • I have back problems and regular vacuuming is for me no do
  • I’m at age and don’t have the energy to frequent vacuuming
  • When I visit my parents or grandpa and grandma, I want to spend precious time with them and not have to get started with vacuuming right away
  • I’m single and do have some better to do than vacuuming
  • Because of my allergy it is extra important to keep my house well clean
  • I like gadgets and if that also adds value then that is pretty common

Makes a robot vacuum cleaner than anything clean

An automatic robot vacuum cleaner can do a lot and you will indeed take a lot of work off your hands. A good and intelligent robot vacuum cleaner recovers thoroughly with dirt, dust and animal hair and works systematically. A HEPA filter is also very pleasant if you want to prevent dust and allergens from being blown back into the air again. It is also pleasant if the robot vacuum cleaner contains a function to easily compile cleaning programs. An App can be very useful. An automatic robot vacuum cleaner makes vacuuming a lot more enjoyable. Besides the usefulness of a vacuum cleaner robot, a robot vacuum cleaner also has a “fun” factor. Many owners of a robot vacuum cleaner will be able to confirm that it is very nice to play with an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner and to see the robot vacuum cleaner at work.

But what about now…? Does the automatic robot vacuum cleaner really clean everything and I don’t have to do anything myself anymore? An automatic robot vacuum cleaner will clean the largest parts of your house, both hard floors and carpet up to 2 centimeters are no problem. A final touch can also be given to the floor by the robot vacuum cleaner as a mop robot. A water tank can easily be put on the bottom of the automatic robot vacuum cleaner, then pull the robot a wet mop lap over the ground to make the result even better. This is not completely comparable to manually mop with a bucket and sop. But because you can put a robot vacuum cleaner much more often, the final result will also be very good.

An automatic robot vacuum cleaner comes under most beds and benches. Unfortunately, an automatic robotic vacuum cleaner cannot run stairs yet. Unfortunately, a robot vacuum cleaner cannot be cleaned for you. However, an automatic robot vacuum cleaner can take the upper floor without falling off the stairs. An intelligent robot vacuum cleaner has a large range of sensors for example: trap prevention, bots, dust detection sensors. Collision sensors work well and signal objects and a good robot vacuum cleaner is also provided with a rear suspension bumper. That when contacting an object makes it very soft and that the furniture is not damaged.

Robot vacuum cleaners in general are not fond of forest cables, shoe laces and waste toys. An automatic and intelligent robot vacuum cleaner has the ability to save itself from complex situations. But it may happen that sometimes it fails; The robot vacuum cleaner will switch itself off. A good automatic robot vacuum cleaner can work very independently and soon enough you will find out if you have a bunch of cables or that there are socks underneath the bed. A robotic vacuum can be very much, but can not conjure. It can sometimes be useful if you keep an eye on the robot vacuum once during its lap. You will soon be able to see if there are some more difficult parts in your home for the automatic robot vacuum cleaner which in most cases is also easy and quick to solve. The robot vacuum cleaner takes a lot of work out of your hands, is very handy and makes your floors clean with a strong suction force but with considerably less loud noise than a regular vacuum cleaner. A carpet with a height above 2cm will not be easy for a robot vacuum cleaner. A very high or wide threshold can sometimes also make it difficult for a robot vacuum cleaner. Solutions are also available for this. As an example, a magnetic ribbon that allows you to define a door or area: where the vacuum cleaner robot will stay away because the vacuum cleaner robot is equipped with sensors that recognize the ribbon. If you have situations in your home and some more magnetic ribbons, area limiters than are available separately. It is easy to scale and no batteries are needed. A robot vacuum cleaner is a relief for many and takes a tedious and time consuming chore out of hand.

Good support Department of interest in automatic and intelligent robot vacuum cleaners!

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In practice, a minimum percentage of a product that contains a lot of technology can show a defect. There must, of course, be a suitable solution for this, and you must be able to do that, which is actually happening. The technical people of Blaupunkt Robotics work closely together with an extremely reliable repair party: who have been providing the service for other top brands such as: Canon, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and GoPro. After service and there are also for our customers when a problem is for Blaupunkt Robotics very important.