How to use the Bluebot EZ1?

Find out everything about the Bluebot EZ1 robot vacuum cleaner. You can find product information, the manual, Bluebot app instructions, how-to videos and more to maximaze the usage of your Bluebot robot vacuum cleaner. The instructional videos are split in general & maintenance videos and Bluebot app specific videos for all possible app settings. Below you can download the manual of the robot and the instruction guide for connecting the robot with the Bluebot app.

Installation & maintenance

When you take care of your robot, you will be able to enjoy it for a longer time. In our instructional videos we will explain to you exactly how to maintain your robot. Do note that for the best result the robot needs a weekly cleaning.


Find out how to install the Bluebot EZ1 and how to set-up the connection with the Bluebot application.

Hepa filter

This video will show how to maintain the filters of the robot. This includes the HEPA filter and primary filter that are in the dustbin. 


Follow the video instructions on how to maintain the brushes of the Bluebot robot vacuum cleaner. Proper maintenance of your robot will ensure that the brushes keep running and your floors keep being cleaned.

Install mopping module

Would you like to install the mopping module of your Bluebot robot? Have a look at this instruction video on how to let the robot mop yours floors as well.


Check out this video on how to maintain the sensors of the Bluebot robot. By cleaning the sensors regularly the robot can keep cleaning your floors most efficient.

Wheel maintenance

Check out this video on how to maintain the front wheel of the Bluebot EZ1.


Resetting the Bluebot EZ1? Follow the steps in this instruction video to reset your robot and see where the button is positioned for resetting.


Want to get optimal results out of your motor and lifespan of your robot? You can do this by changing parts like the HEPA-filter or the side brushes in a timely manner. Check out the accessory kits availbe at 

The Bluebot App

Easily control your Bluebot robot vacuum cleaner with the Bluebot app. With the following short instruction videos you can find out the options and settings available in the Bluebot app for your Bluebot EZ1 robot. Discover the possibilities here.

Find the robot

When you can’t find your robot use this setting and the robot will call you, so you will be able to find it again.

Check status consumables

In the Bluebot app you can check the status of your HEPA filter and side brushes. Make sure to replace these in time. This will help your EZ1 robot to keep up its performance. 

Factory reset

Where in the Bluebot app can you set up a factory reset? This video will show you where in the app you can do this for your Bluebot EZ1.

Do not disturb

Do you want the robot not to disturb you with any unneccesary sounds. Watch here how to set-up the do not disturb mode in the Bluebot App for the Bluebot EZ1.

Frequently asked questions about your robot vacuum cleaner

We have collected the most frequent asked questions for the Blaupunkt Bluebot robot vacuum cleaner. Can’t find your question or are you struggling to solve your problem with your robot? Please contact our customer service.

First check the wifi signal. Is it a 2.4 GHz? Our Bluebot EZ1 robot only works with a 2.4 GHz, and is not supported by a 5 GHz signal. Do you know how to split up the signals? Make sure to give the 2.4 GHz a different name than the 5 GHz. Then try and connect the robot to the 2.4 GHz signal. Still having trouble? Please contact your internet provider. They know your router and can help you split up the network signals.

It is possible that there’s no puncture hole in the cap. If that’s the case, then air can not enter, which creates a vacuum, which prevents the mop function from working. Tip: make the mop wet just before the start, as the dripping of the water may take a couple of minutes to make the whole mop wet. 

If the robot is charging, you should see both lights on. Are they not? First check if the robot is a finger’s width away from the docking station. Do the charging points on the bottom of the robot align with the ones on the docking station? Then the robot is being charged. Sometimes the side brushes are interfering. If this is the case, gently move them aside. Is the robot not charging? Let the robot move around for a little bit. You will notice if it returns to the right spot.

Follow these steps to connect your Bluebot to the app:
1. Download the Bluebot app
2. Register as a user
3. Click on: Add device
4. Select your Bluebot robot
5. Connect to the 2.4 Ghz network, remembering the network name
6. Press and hold both buttons of the robot simultaneously for 3 seconds
7. Your robot will now say: “wifi lost”.
8. Click on ‘next’.
9. Go to ‘connect’.
10. Go to Settings – Wifi and select the name of the robot (this starts with SmartLife-)
11. Go back to the Bluebot app
12. Wait for your robot to connect (this can take up to 2 minutes) – the screen will now read: “Adding device”.
13. And your robot is connected! Have fun cleaning. 

Place you robot on the docking station before use. It takes about 4 hours for it to completely charge, and then it will be ready to be put to work.

The Bluebot EZ1 will only show a real-time map during cleaning. This map isn’t saved for next time usage.

Try to reset your robot. Is this not working, and your robot is eligible for warranty, you can send it back for free. Did the warranty expire? We would have to charge you. For more information, please contact us at support@blaupunktrobotics. Please attach your purchase receipt to the email as well. Our customer service will help you.

It comes standard with a factory warranty of two years.

If you need to reset the robot, please switch it off, wait a couple of minutes and switch it back on again. Watch the video: 

Otherwise remove the robot from your Bluebot app and reconnect it.

For the EZ1 a factory reset in the Bluebot app is also possible. Watch it here: 


Do you have any remaining questions about your Bluebot robot vacuum cleaner? 

Please contact us on business days between 09:00-17:00.