3-Step Cleaning automatic Blaupunkt robot Vacuum cleaner

Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner Bluebot XSmart cleans the floor in three steps

The powerful cleaning system of the Blaupunkt vacuum cleaner robot is designed to achieve optimal results with the robot vacuum cleaner XSmart.

Step 1: The two robot vacuum cleaner side brushes Push the dirt with a rotating motion to the suction nozzle of the robot vacuum cleaner. Also dirt, dust, dogs and cats hair along the walls and in the corners has little chance to escape from the XSmart vacuum cleaner robot.

Step 2: The robot vacuum comes with a unique and patented set of two suction nozzles. The suction nozzle with rotating brush and the suction nozzle without a rotating brush take the dirt, dust, dogs and cats hair into the vacuum cleaner robot dust box. Where it is compressed to a block.

Step 3: The allergy-friendly HEPA/dual filter system from Blaupunkt’s automatic robot vacuum cleaner captures 99 of all dust, mites and allergens, so they are not re-distributed in the air. Filtering ensures cleaner air.

  1. Side brushes of Blaupunkt robot vacuum cleaner How do they work?
  2. Suction nozzles of the automatic vacuum cleaner robot XSmart How do they look like?
  3. HEPA Filter and dust collecting box of robot vacuum cleaner What should I imagine?

Watch the impression video about this automatic robot vacuum cleaner topics.

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